Monday, August 30, 2010

Refreshing Reprieve

I am sitting outside in the cool weather of late August. I don't think Summer is going to end yet, but we are getting a preview of what is soon to come. As I watch the evening clouds drifting overhead, the green trees waving in the breeze and the majestic mountains painted yellow as the lemon sun sinks toward the horizon, I am reminded that God loves me. Just as he grants a refreshing reprieve to the heat of Summer, so he grants me the chance to repent and receive the purifying reprieve of forgiveness. I am grateful for God's mercy and love. His astounding creations have the power draw me close to him once again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Check out Hunter's new website

I just got done updating Hunter's new website. We added a bio with some photos, etc. Head on over to and see.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wind and Children

What an amazing thing wind is! So many times we associate it with frustration, annoyance, and disdain, yet on a hot summer night how wonderful it is to have a breeze move the air, providing at least some sense of cooling. How soothing it is to sit on the porch in the evening and watch the beautiful trees swaying in the wind, and the leaves of an aspen shivering. To me the wind is a reminder that God loves us, and it is like a whisper of his spirit that can blow across our hearts. How grateful I am for wind.

I recall a passage from my grandmother's book about her life in which she describes traveling with her family in a wagon as a little girl. At night the wind was blowing and she remembered telling her mother that the wind would stop blowing if the trees would just stop fanning it. Such are the innocent ponderings of a child which can remind us of the simple things of life and help us remember what is important. I am grateful for all of my children.