Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday at the Gifford home

Hello world! No, this is not a computer program I'm writing here, nor is it a web page. Well, okay, I guess it is sort of a web page, but in no way did that "Hello world!" imply that I was doing my very first post. On the contrary I was merely trying to say hello to any and all who may read this.

Today is Saturday, a hectic day at the Gifford home. Today was the day that was scheduled to clean out our garage, rearrange it, take a load to the dump, and a load to Deseret Industries. In other words, it was a day to really muck out the garage and get it so that we actually have space to park our van in it. Not that we didn't before, but we would barely have enough room to squeeze into the van around all the stuff on the sides in the garage. Hallelujah! We now have room to spare on the sides, but it took a lot of work, and a lot of time (all day).

Well, I'm going to be going now. I'll have to post more later.