Sunday, April 20, 2008

All is going well here in Springville right now. I am still working at Rocky Mountain Composites, though I'd like to find another job with better hours, better pay, and something I enjoy much more. The job isn't that bad though, and it's close enough that I ride my bike in to work, as long as the weather is good enough. This gives me exercise as well as saving gas on getting me to work.

The rest of the family is getting along well too. The children (all except Tate, of course) have about six more weeks of school left (they've been on Spring Break this past week). Tate is about to turn 5 (this coming Thursday--April 24th), and I still cannot believe it. He'll be starting school (Kindergarten) this fall, and at the school where the kids go, it is all-day kindergarten. This fall all of our children will be in school during the day--WIERD!!!!! I feel like I'm getting old.

We are also keeping busy with Church. I was just called as the second counselor in the elders quorum presidency and I've been an instructor in the class. Jill is surviving as a nursery leader in the primary. Hunter has been enjoying Young Men's, and has been the piano player in Priesthood opening exercises for the past few months. Blythe has been progressing on her Faith In God award, always looking to pass off another requirement, and so has Gavin. Seth will turn 8 this summer, and will be baptized. And, lastly, Tate is enjoying his Sunbeam class--he loves his teachers.

On Juje's birthday, Hunter, Dan McNeece (Jill's sister's husband), and I will be flying to Georgia. We will travel to Cedartown and stay the night. Then on Monday, May 5th, we will rent a moving truck and load up all our stuff that is in storage. Then we will drive it out to our home in Springville, arriving in the evening on Wednesday, May 7th. I will be off work on Thursday, May 8th, and will unload the truck that day. We plan to take the I-80 route so that we can make a stop in Carthage, Illinois and Nauvoo, Illinois. I've never been there before. I am excited and so is Hunter. It will be nice to finally get our things out here too. We haven't had our things for about a year now--it'll be kind of like Christmas all over again.

Mom or Dad emailed me a link to a slide show with pictures of actors from a pageant in Arizona and the paintings on exhibit there all put to music. I opened it and let it load--with dial-up it takes forever to load, but it was soooooooooo worth it. Mom, that was indeed AWESOME!!! It brought tears to my eyes, and it did to Jill's too. You ALL need to watch it. Here's the link: