Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Late!

I was running late. I hit the gas to accelerate, but to no avail. The line of cars seemed to grow longer the longer I looked at it. Everything came to a standstill and I appeared to be at the end of the line. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

I turned on the radio to calm my nerves. It worked as usual, but the second I started getting into the NPR news-radio story the line began to move. Unfortunately it was only a crawl. The headway I gained was nominal compared with the ground left to cover. I was in for a LONG haul! I focused back on the story on the radio and was able to forget my frustration again.

When I finally pulled into the parking lot I knew I was cutting it close. I pulled into an empty stall and turned off the van. I opened the door and ran. The handles to the double glass doors were coming near. I reached up to grab one as I skidded to a halt under the canopy over the little porch. I yanked and slipped inside, but I was too late. Their clock already showed seven minutes past my appointment.

"Your not within five minutes of your appointment," the girl at the counter said, "we'll have to put you on standby."

"But I was held up by traffic. It was out of my control," I retorted.

"I'm sorry. That's our policy."

RATS!!! All that worry and hurry for nothing!!!!